Primary School

Developing: It is important to us, that children learn from and with each other. For us, education means the holistic development of personal, social, professional and methodological skills. Primary school is a place where children feel comfortable and can develop their potential. We encourage your child to develop step by step into a self-confident, independent personality. It should retain its curious view of the world.

Our educational programme is based on the current educational plan of the state of Baden – Württemberg. In addition, we are part of the Association of German Schools Abroad.

As a German school with an international orientation, it goes without saying that language diversity has been an important part of our programme from the very beginning. We regularly offer extracurricular activities. These include experiential education activities, nature study tours, readings, visits to the theatre or museum, as well as joint projects with neighbouring schools.



At DISDH, we place special emphasis on supporting our students. That is why every class receives two hours of support lessons per week. Any difficulties that arise are analysed as quickly as possible, and with the help of an individually compiled support plan, gaps can be filled quickly. If more intensive support is necessary, we will be happy to advise you. We can help with individual support measures such as private “German as a Foreign Language (DaF)” lessons.



The language of instruction is German. In addition, at the primary English and Dutch are taught school twice a week. For children whose mother tongue is not German, we offer additional German lessons by specially trained teachers in small groups. In this way, the children make great progress quickly.


School hours:

Monday – Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 1.10 p.m.

All-day care::

Monday – Friday from 7.45 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. or 6.00 p.m.


Afternoon care

We start the afternoon with a shared warm meal from the canteen, and later in the afternoon the children get another snack. After lunch, the children do their homework under pedagogical supervision.

Relaxation and free activities are the focus of our programme. During free play time, the children can decide for themselves whether they prefer to build, paint, read or play outside. Joint excursions to the beach and forest as well as to various museums are regularly on the programme.

The supervised afternoon programme for our primary school children takes place every day until either 3.30 pm or 6 pm.

Working Groups (AGs)

DISDH working groups are about fun, games, languages, music, sports and lots of good humour. This is exactly what our students should enjoy in the DISDH working groups, lesson after lesson.

Our programme offers something for everyone and is full of varieties. With an age-appropriate range of activities and pedagogical concepts, we warmly invite you to join us.

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Holiday Programme

During the holidays in February, May, summer and autumn we offer a holiday programme for our pupils. You can register your child for this, if he or she attends our Kindergarten or Primary School. Our holiday programme is dedicated to a different theme each time, with many exciting and diverse activities. These include sports, cooking, artistic activities, games and fun. We discover our environment and surroundings on trips and excursions, for example to the museum, the beach or the forest.

Here you can find information about the holiday programme during the spring holidays for primary school.

Holiday Programme Primary School