Carrier (School Association)

School Association

DISDH is a private school. The school is owned and run by the school association. As a democratic body, it stands for transparency and co-determination by the parents. A general meeting is held at least once a year, at which information is given about the work of the board. We recommend that all parents join the association. The success of DISDH depends crucially on the active interest and commitment of parents. Have your say when it comes to your child’s education and the future of the school. Support DISDH and become a member of the school association now! As a small gift, all members will receive a free copy of our yearbook.


The Board of Directors of the School Association takes on important tasks in the management of our school on a voluntary basis. The members of the school association elect the 7-member board from their own ranks. This board is responsible for those areas of DISDH that are not directly concerned with educational issues. These include organisational and economic aspects, strategic planning, personnel matters, finances, legal issues, security at our school, reconstruction and renovation work as well as negotiations with the German Embassy and the authorities of our host country.

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Board members

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