Current COVID-19 Regulations at DISDH

The following is the execution of the basic measures for the schools from 25.02.2022:

Teachers teach in attendance at the school. The work-from-home recommendation is relaxed. Team meetings, conferences are again possible on site.

Cooperation between different classes and groups within the school is again permitted.

AGs for pupils take place again as usual.

The distance rule of 1.5 metres should be observed by adults when not wearing mouth-to-nose coverings. In particular, we should still make sure to leave each other enough space.

Wearing a mouth-nose covering is strongly recommended, but no longer compulsory.

Parents, carers and other external parties are only allowed back into school after prior registration. They wear a mouth-nose covering and keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

Regardless of people in their own household or private environment who have tested positive, pupils may continue to attend school if they have no symptoms.

If a child has (mild) symptoms that match Corona, then the affected children remain at home (quarantine) and take a self-test or PCR test:

If the self-test is negative, then please remain cautious, but the child may continue to come to school.

If the self-test is positive, then the affected person takes a PCR test and remains in quarantine at least until the result of the test is known.

If the PCR test is negative, the child is allowed to leave quarantine.

The quarantine period is shortened from 7 days to 5 days, but still requires the student to be symptom-free for at least 24 hours.

The known basic hygiene measures still apply:

Regular hand washing

No shaking hands

Sneezing and coughing into the crook of the arm or handkerchief, not into the hand

Do not touch your face with your hands

Make decisions according to the decision tree

Self-testing is recommended.

School boards and schools may take additional measures.

Additional arrangements at DISDH:


The library service for classes that accompanies lessons remains in place.

The school has a modern ventilation system. The ventilation system, with its constant supply of fresh air, makes a decisive contribution to reducing the risk of transmission of viruses, including Covid-19. This happens simultaneously with a comfortable supply of oxygen and a reduction of the CO2 content in the room air. In order not to disturb the ventilation system in this automatic regulation, the windows must remain closed.

In the current school year 2021/22, the ventilation system will be monitored by various specialist companies and readjusted if necessary.

The refectory is open. The ventilation system is switched up. In addition, fresh air is increasingly provided through open windows (the refectory is disconnected from the ventilation of the classrooms).

Cash payment is possible in the refectory.

Stay healthy!