Safe School – the current school life

The Dutch government has established a basic step-by-step plan for schools in dealing with CoViD-19. A four color-coded scenario defines the rules to be applied.
Here, you will find the respective step-by-step plan of the DISDH:


  1. Step-by-step plan kindergarten
  2. Beslisboom


  1. Step-by-step plan pre-school
  2. Step-by-step plan kindergarten (Valid for children in the afternoon care in the kindergarten)
  3. Beslisboom

Grade 1-12

  1. Step-by-step plan grade 1-12
  2. Beslisboom

Afternoon care of primary school

  1. Step-by-step plan afternoon care
  2. Beslisboom


Here, you will find informative material about the current Corona regulations in the Netherlands:

Beslisboom |

Quarantine Travelcheck COVID-19 |

Such as quarantine regulations after infection:

Thuisquarantine |


Stay healthy!