With the internationally recognised school-leaving qualifications of DISDH, all doors are open for the future:

The right path for everyone:

Mittlerer Schulabschluss


(in cooperation with the German School Brussels)

Deutsches Internationale Abitur (DIA)

The Fachhochschulreife and the DIA are globally recognised qualifications and create the best prospects for your child.

DISDH Abschluss


After the orientation year in grade 5, our students choose either the Realschule or the Gymnasium. In the Realschule branch, the class work and curriculum are designed according to the requirements of the Mittlerer Schulabschluss.

The transitions between Realschule and Gymnasium are smooth at DISDH. Thus, Realschule pupils can still decide to attend the Gymnasium up to the end of the 8th school year, provided that their academic performance is sufficient.

Your child completes grade 10 with the Mittlerer Schulabschluss, which is also recognised in Germany. Afterwards, Realschule graduates with good grades have the opportunity to attend the 10th grade of the Gymnasium, and then prepare for the Abitur in Secondary School II.

DISDH Abschluss Gymnasium


After the orientation phase in grade 5, your child can choose to attend our Gymnasium. An in-depth general education and scientific work ethics promote the ability to work in a team and to learn independently; this is where we want to accompany and exploit potential.

After 12 years of school, secondary school students at DISDH take the Deutsche Internationale Abitur finale exams. This qualification is globally recognised as the international version of the German Abitur. With the DIA, your child demonstrates excellent English skills – this is a decisive advantage, especially in an international environment.

DISDH Absschluss Fachoberschule


In cooperation with the German School Brussels, we offer the Fachhochschulreife by distance learning. The Fachoberschule is a two-year course of education with a focus on economics with administration and social affairs, which concludes with the general Fachhochschulreife in Germany. Due to the vocational orientation of the school subjects in combination with internships lasting several months, the pupils can gain experience before entering the field of work and thus get an optimal start in the professional world. The Fachhochschulreife also entitles students to study at a Fachhochschule in Germany as well as internationally at numerous universities with a Bachelor/Master structure.