DISDH is a place of encounter where the parents of our students can also feel at home. With us, you as parents can make your first contacts in the Netherlands, find friends and attend interesting cultural events. We want you to feel welcome in our school community. We take our task of helping families settle into their new environment very seriously.

There are many different opportunities to participate in our school life, in whatever area your talents and interests lie. Help organise our school festivals, take part in our excursions or Christmas workshop, volunteer in the library, pass on your knowledge to the students by advising at the career fair or leading one of our working groups! The commitment of parents makes our school community strong, and you can contribute to it. We look forward to your help!


Parents Council

The DISDH Parents Council stands for transparency and active participation in school life on the part of the parents. The committee is made up of parent representatives from all school classes, the kindergarten and the afternoon programme. These representatives are elected at the beginning of the school year by the parents of the respective classes or groups.

The aim of the parents council is to support and advise the school management and the school board in the further development of our school. The Parents’ Council is particularly involved when it comes to educational issues, learning programmes or practical topics such as the house rules. Wishes and suggestions expressed by the parents are discussed here and then presented to the school management and the board. In addition, the advisory board sees an important task in giving new families an open welcome at DISDH and making it easier for them to get started in their new environment.

Parent Council 2021/2022:

Chairperson of the Parents Council: Mr. Michael Ball and Mrs. Agata Chramega.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact



Any special activities at DISDH are only possible with the help and support of our students’ parents. We would like to encourage all parents to take an active part in shaping our school life in this way, thus contributing to a good working relationship. No matter in which area your strengths and interests lie, or how much time you can devote. We are sure that there is a place where you can contribute. Some initiatives require regular help. Other activities and events are one-off. If you would like to support DISDH as a volunteer, simply contact us. Then we will look at the possibilities together before you make a decision.

You can get involved in so many different ways: as a helper in our library, in organising festivities at the school, as a parent representative, as a chaperone on school trips, in study and career counselling for the older pupils, or by offering a wokring group (e.g. chess, handicrafts, sports) for children or young people.


Language Courses

As a parent, you can also take a lesson at DISDH, because we regularly offer language courses for adults on the DISDH premises. To help you settle in and feel at home in your host country more quickly, Dutch is of course part of the programme. If your mother tongue is not German, you can also take part in one of the German courses. In this way, you can show your child that you also think it is important to learn the new language!

The adult language courses at DISDH are for the parents of our students as well as for anyone else who is interested. Here you get qualified tuition and, in addition, a good opportunity to meet other parents and make new acquaintances in The Hague. The language courses at our school are organised in cooperation with Stiftung Sprachkurse and the Goethe-Institut.

Useful links:

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