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FAQ on the topic of full-day-school:

Why can't everything just remain as it is?

Our educational commitment to provide all children with ample space for experience-oriented and holistic learning cannot be realized with the current model of separating school (until 13:10) and afternoon care (from 13:10 onwards). Please also read the published documents on the website for further information.

For which classes/grade levels is the modified full-day program intended?

The implementation is initially planned for preschool and grades 1-4 of the elementary school for the school year 2024/25.

Does my child have to stay in school every day after 13:10?

A condition for the mandatory full-day program is that, by definition, on at least three days a week, all children participate in instructional and other pedagogical activities for a minimum of seven hours. The specific details will be determined through the conceptual processes and communicated accordingly.

How long does a school day last, and when does it start?

The school will continue to open at 7:45 AM. For elementary and preschool children, the mandatory program ends no later than 3:30 PM. Following this, the school offers afternoon care services until 6:00 PM. This service is optional and must be registered for, as in the past.

Will children in the elementary school have more class time?

The specified number of hours for grades 1-4 will remain unchanged. Due to the extended school hours, there will be instructional time even after a lunch break.

Is there already a concept for the "new" full-day school?

There are defined framework conditions that will be incorporated  in a concept. The concept is being developed by a team of educational staff from various areas (early childhood education, elementary school educators) and educational professionals from the existing afternoon care program. The input and feedback from both children and parents will be taken into account during this process.

What opportunities are available to parents to become involved, and can I contribute to the concept development?

Following the initial information sessions, a parent survey will be conducted promptly to gather comprehensive feedback and input. In addition, the involvement of the Parent Council and the parent representatives of individual classes/groups is planned. If you are interested in participating, please inform your respective representative so that we can be informed of your interest.

Where can I submit my comments, wishes, and questions?

Please email us at:


or inform your parent representatives.

This way, your questions, suggestions, and wishes will reach the responsible team, as well as the school management and administration.