With Dirk Brauns

We are very pleased to have won the successful author Dirk Brauns from Germany for our 32nd competition.

Dirk Brauns, born in Berlin in 1968, lived for a long time in Warsaw, Beijing and Minsk as a newspaper correspondent before moving to the Munich area. In 2013, his debut novel Im Inneren des Landes was published, the radio play version of which was “Radio Play of the Month” and is currently being filmed.

Café Auschwitz was remarkably first released in a Polish edition in 2013, followed by the German edition in 2015.

The novel Wir müssen dann fort sein followed in 2016. Die Unscheinbaren was then published in 2019 and is the work selected for the translation and literature competition.

Every family story has its dark secrets, but not in every one are the parents revealed as spies – Dirk Brauns’ highly suspenseful, stirring novel about a spy case and its consequences, inspired by the author’s family history.


Further information on Dirk Brauns’ works can be found at

https://www.kiwi-verlag.de/autor/dirk-brauns-4000970  and http://dirkbrauns.com/de/article/11 .

In the first half of November, the competition tasks and further information will be available on the DISDH homepage.

As always, attractive prizes await the winners.

The jury is looking forward to many successful entries, which will be awarded during the festive award ceremony on Thursday, 25th April 2024. On this evening, you have the opportunity to get to know the author and his works in an interview and during his reading.

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DISDH has been the organiser and host of the most important German-Dutch translation competition for pupils for many years. Young people from all over the Netherlands are called upon to translate a passage from well-known works of contemporary German literature into Dutch. Finally, the award ceremony takes place at our school, where the authors are present, and the best translation is honoured.


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In 1993, the German International School The Hague organised its first literary translation competition, the task was a text from the book “Lehmanns Erzählungen” by Siegfried Lenz.

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