DISDH is committed not only to providing high-quality education but also to promoting the well-being of our students. A balanced diet plays a crucial role in this. For this reason, we have decided to introduce a new lunch programme starting in the new school year that better meets the needs of our students and lays the foundation for a successful extended school day.


We have carefully selected a partner who specializes in meals for kindergarten and school children and understands their tastes. All dishes are 100% natural, without added fragrances, colors, or flavorings, and 85% of the ingredients are organically grown.


Our Mission:

There is no better time than childhood to learn how to eat healthily. Our goal is to teach as many children as possible about healthy eating.


You probably have many questions about the registration process, meal choices, and other details. Here, we answer the most important questions:

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What do the meals consist of?

We have chosen a provider that offers the students as well as our staff a wide variety of meals with fresh vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and high-quality meat or fish in moderation. The meals include age-appropriate portions, plenty of fiber, high-quality fats, no sugar, and little or no salt.

Are the meals fresh?

Absolutely fresh! We receive freshly vacuum-sealed meals three times a week. They are served on the same or the next day. The meals contain no preservatives.

Are there allergen-free dishes?

You can order gluten-free, cow’s milk-free, and lactose-free dishes. A vegetarian or vegan option is always available as well. We ensure that every child can participate in meals. Nuts are completely avoided.


As much as possible! Our partner guarantees that 85% of the ingredients are organic.

Where does the meat come from?

Our partner uses only certified meat from Dutch cattle and free-range chickens, without antibiotics.


A warm meal is served daily, with second helpings available. A piece of fruit is provided for dessert. Water is served with meals.

What happens to leftover fruit?

Leftover fruit is taken to the after-school care room at the end of the lunch break so that children can still enjoy fruit in the afternoon.


Registration / Costs

How do I register my child for lunch? How much does lunch cost?

Registration for lunch is done through our registration form. You can register your child for lunch here: Registration_Lunch_2024/2025 

For kindergarten children, lunch is already included in the annual fee.

Secondary school pupils and employees can pay for their meal in the canteen directly without cash. The individual price is €4.90.

For children who do not yet have a cash card, we offer a 10-card for €49. This card can be purchased by parents in the canteen.

How do I choose the meal days?

When registering, you can choose between 4 and 5 days. The menu selection is made by the school.

What do children with allergies eat?

You can choose gluten-free, cow’s milk-free, and lactose-free dishes on the registration form. A vegetarian or vegan option is always available as well. We ensure that every child can participate in meals. Nuts are completely avoided.



Where and when do the children eat?

Our kindergarten children eat in the Nautilus room in the kindergarten area.

From preschool onwards, lunch is served in the cafeteria and the sports multifunctional room in class groups. To reduce noise, we have implemented age-appropriate scheduling.

Who accompanies the children during lunch?

The kindergarten children eat in a group with two teachers in the Nautilus room.

From pre-school onwards, one educator or teacher accompanies the pupils in their respective group or class during lunch. They ensure a pleasant atmosphere and encourage the children to try foods that they may not yet be familiar with. In addition to eating lunch together, the children also practise table service, i.e. they should leave their place clean after eating.

Secondary school students go to the canteen on their own.

School healthy lunch box with sandwich, cookies, nuts, fruits and avocado on a white background.

Bringing Your Own Food

Can my child bring their own food?

Children are welcome to bring their own food and eat it in the cafeteria with their class.

Can my child heat up their brought food?

Due to safety regulations, only secondary school children are allowed to use a microwave to heat their food. We recommend primary school children bring thermos containers.

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Here you can find all the information about our new provider:

Who provides the lunch?

Moekes Maaltijd has been operating as a caterer for kindergartens and schools in the Dutch market since 2012. The owners are parents and professionally trained chefs dedicated to offering healthy and delicious warm lunches to children in the Netherlands. All dishes are guaranteed to be 100% natural, free from fragrances, colors, and flavorings, and 85% of the ingredients are organic. Quality is Moeke’s top priority. With a young, motivated team, they develop and prepare fresh dishes daily in their HACCP-certified kitchen. Once the meals are ready, they deliver them with their own refrigerated trucks and drivers to their clients’ refrigerators. DISDH receives fresh lunches three times a week.

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Current canteen menu

Until the end of the school year, you can still find the canteen menu from our previous caterer here.

Our canteen complies with the guidelines and regulations of the Dutch Centre for Nutrition (Voedingscentrum). More information on this topic can be found here:

Gezonde school

Our canteen menu is updated weekly:

Canteen plan