Expat Families

Expat families in The Hague will find an excellent educational partner in the German International School The Hague (DISDH) – from the bilingual kindergarten to the German International Abitur.


An international assignment offers diverse opportunities for both professional and personal development. However, for families with children, it comes with significant organizational challenges. Whether the children are in the Netherlands for a short period or for their entire schooling, they need to be educated and cared for. For expats in and around The Hague, the German International School The Hague, with its bilingual kindergarten, is a key destination.


The German International School The Hague provides a comprehensive educational program from early childhood to graduation and is specialized in accommodating expat families. Felix Schoenmann, an expat and father of four former students at DISDH, shares his experience: “When we decided to move abroad as a family, it was crucial for us to make this transition as smooth as possible for our children. After our first visit to DISDH, our children started emailing and Skyping with their future classmates. This was invaluable as it made them feel welcomed even before their arrival and allowed them to ask any questions they had.”


The seamless integration of the bilingual kindergarten and school in one location is a significant advantage for many families.

This system allows children to become familiar with school structures at an early age while nurturing their natural curiosity and desire to explore. This fosters their self-confidence and better prepares them for the start of school. The collaboration between the kindergarten and school enables our educational professionals to regularly exchange insights, ensuring that the individual needs and developmental progress of each child are optimally supported. Parents also benefit from this exchange as they are continuously informed about their child’s development. Many elementary school students have known each other since kindergarten and have grown into a close-knit community. Newcomers are quickly integrated, supported by our qualified educational team, which is specially trained to meet the needs of this group. For non-German-speaking children and students at all educational levels, professional language programs are available to provide targeted support.

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Our international school program allows students to follow the German curriculum in the Netherlands while also developing an international perspective.


The quality of our school is reflected in our students’ above-average Abitur results compared to those in Germany and in our dedicated promotion of students’ social core competencies. We prepare them specifically for vocational training or university studies in Europe and worldwide. Our primary goal is to lay the foundation for a successful professional or academic career through holistic education and personal support. Mr. Hanzsch, an expat and father of two children at DISDH, is particularly impressed by the quality and personal atmosphere: “Our children are not just numbers here, as they might be in other institutions. They are optimally supported and prepared for their future by attentive educators. The quality of the school is high – both in terms of education and facilities. We couldn’t have made a better choice.”

If you have any questions as a future expat family or as a company, please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!


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