An in-depth general education and scientific working ethics promote the ability to work in a team and to learn independently; this is where we want to accompany and exploit potential. Our family-like school community and fair dealings with each other promote our students’ self-confidence and cooperation with each other.

In our lessons, we impart subject knowledge at the highest level; at the same time, we place particular emphasis on training social and practical skills. Both aspects are important for mastering studies and entering professional life successfully. This includes that our students learn to organise their tasks, research independently, work in a team or give presentations.

Even though group work is an important aspect of teaching in secondary school, we make sure to create an individual learning situation for each pupil. In order to be able to learn successfully, it is crucial to know one’s own learning pace and which methods one uses to learn best. In this way, we succeed in promoting personal strengths in a targeted manner. This leads not only to more fun in learning, but also to optimal performance.

Interdisciplinary programmes and project-oriented teaching methods promote a broader view of the subject matter. In addition, the international and cosmopolitan climate at DISDH offers our students plenty of inspiration to look beyond their own horizons.



Furthermore, we offer an individually tailored support programme for each pupil, which corresponds to personal abilities and helps to develop them in a targeted manner. Either we place an experienced, trained specialist teacher or your child takes part in the “Pupils Helping Pupils” programme. Should more intensive support be necessary, we will be happy to advise you.

We help, for example, with individual support measures such as private “German as a Foreign Language (DaF)” lessons.


As an international school, we place particular emphasis on a well-grounded language education. In the secondary school, our students can choose Dutch in addition to the most important European lingua francae English and French. Our school maintains intensive contacts with Dutch and European institutions and regular exchanges with other international schools. In this way, our pupils develop strong language skills and a lively relationship with foreign languages.

Moreover, we offer our students the opportunity to acquire internationally recognised certificates such as the Cambridge Exams for English or DELF for French.


DISDH working groups are about fun, games, languages, music, sports and lots of good humour. This is exactly what our students should enjoy in the DISDH working groups, lesson after lesson.

Our programme offers something for everyone and is full of varieties. With an age-appropriate range of activities and pedagogical concepts, we warmly invite you to join us.

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