Mission Statement/Concept

Famililar, sincere, managable und international

In the centre of the international district of The Hague, we welcome all students. Our school is one of the oldest German schools abroad in the world. We can proudly look back on a history of more than 150 years, during which we have continuously developed in line with the changing needs of students. Our commitment to excellence in education has always remained our first priority and continues to be so today.

With our international location in The Hague, we incorporate different cultures and languages into our everyday life. Well over 40 different nationalities are represented at our school, and thus the students experience a multicultural exchange every day that promotes tolerant and respectful behaviour.

Due to our family atmosphere and optimal school size, newcomers quickly feel at home and have arrived. This is the foundation for the joy of learning and paves the way for a successful future.


Managable School Size, Great Impact:

With a combination of optimal school size, professional learning concepts and a personal school and learning atmosphere, we create an environment that makes learning fun. We are convinced that children learn best where they are seen, heard and their personalities are recognised.


Individual Needs:

We offer every pupil the appropriate school career.


Excellent Education: 

We work in accordance with the German curriculum as a basis. In addition, we are part of the Association of German Schools Abroad. We offer four languages so that our students can find their way in an international environment and are prepared for the demands of a globalised world. Bilingual teaching takes place from Year 8 onwards.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement describes the vision to which we aspire together with all the students of our school. The German International School The Hague offers students, teachers and parents a piece of home where everyone can feel comfortable and fulfil themselves. Our school promotes the joy of learning in a personal atmosphere and prepares the way for a successful future. The mission statement does not live on its own – together we have the task of filling this mission with life!

  • Mutual appreciation as well as respectful and cooperative interaction characterise our school life.
  • We promote global mobility and ensure continuity in the education of our pupils.
  • Individual support and independent learning activities are essential components of our pedagogical concept.
  • We lead our students to internationally recognised qualifications, the lower secondary school leaving certificate, the intermediate school leaving certificate and the German International Baccalaureate.
  • We create transparency through trusting, open cooperation in our active school community.
  • Our school is a learning and living space that we shape and maintain responsibly.
  • Social commitment and civil courage, even beyond the school community, are a matter of course for us.
  • We see ourselves as an important element of German cultural and educational policy in a global network of German schools abroad.
  • As part of the international orientation of our school, we support the integration of families living here in the host country, the Netherlands.
  • We are a learning school and are therefore continuously developing.